Friday, January 27, 2023

People boarding local flights will be served meals now, CAA confirms


KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has Monday allowed the flights operating domestically to serve packed meals to their passengers in a new development amid Covid times, ARY News reported.

The aviation regulator has released its new directives today noting updated Covid SOPs wherein it has been allowed for flights to serve food to the passengers which had been barred since November last year during high Covid incidence.

In the notification today, wherein adherence to SOPs has been stressed, the aviation authority has noted that new SOPs will be applicable until October 31.

READ: CAA advises people to trash sacrificial animal offal at designated spots

Separately, CAA kicked off an awareness campaign to make sure untoward incidents of birds of prey colliding with the airplanes, posing great threats, are avoided by advising people to use designated spots for trashing offal of slaughter as Eid al-Adha approaches.

In order to save the planes from the collision of birds that can result in ghastly incidents, the flight regulator CAA said, we will practice precautions.

The people need to prove they are responsible citizens by only trashing the offal of their slaughtered animals at officially designated spots so the movement of prey birds can be limited.


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