Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Can you guess the killer in this picture?


A puzzle in which you have to guess the killer of the woman out of the five people in the picture is going viral.

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 The puzzle picture showed a woman lying dead in a pool of her blood in the restaurant’s bathroom. Four of the five suspects are customers seated on their tables while the fifth suspect is the waiter. 

The first suspect is a man sitting at the right-most table in a blue shirt. The second suspect is wearing a purple shirt and seated at the eatey’s centre-most table.

A woman, seated at the right-corner table of the eatery, in a pink dress is the third suspect. The fourth suspect is the male, in a blue shirt, seated on the left-most table close to the washroom.

The fifth suspect is the waiter serving food and drinks to the customers.

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Have you caught the killer? If not, then here’s the answer.


Suspect number four is the murderer. Firstly, the man looked tense and sitting close to the washroom. His table knife, unlike others, is not with him. 

Moreover, his shirt is torn and the fabric’s piece is next to the dead body. A scratch can also be seen on his neck.


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