Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Can’t afford graduation robe? See what this man did at his


A man in the United Kingdom found himself in a predicament that is not surprising form people in this age: he could not afford to rent or buy the graduation robe, one he needed to get the hands on his degree. 

The 23-year-old grad at the University of Gloucestershire, Will Radford thought it a splurge to expend £246 (about Rs57,000) on a mortarboard and gown, however, he understood how essential it was for him to attend the convocation. So he did go there attend it and claim his photography degree.

But there’s a twist. He made his own robes drawn out of bin-bags. The result? Not only did he get the degree, his black plastic cover, much like a coverall, earned him some praise as well.

This outfit is a ‘statement’, Will said. British painter Peter Edwards praised his outfit in a speech after receiving an honorary doctorate in arts.

While talking to the local media, Will said, “It [the robe and mortarboard] was really expensive and I think it was such a shame that at the end of it all I couldn’t put on a cape and gown.”

He added in this interview that he’d told a couple of friends and they thought it’s hilarious. “It’s a statement I think, I’ve paid enough for the course already.”

Will actually had completed his graduation but his degree was on hold due to Covid-led delay.

“I’ve been mostly unemployed for the last year since I left university,” he explained as to why indeed was he broke. He said, “I’ve just moved to a new place and I’m down to my last £100. I really cannot afford it, it’s not an exaggeration at all.”

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Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Peter Edwards said: “Hi everyone, I haven’t prepared anything but first of all I would like to say well done to the guy in the bin bags, I thought that was magnificent.”


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