Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Car collision on M9 Motorway leaves child, man dead


JAMSHORO: At least two people, including a minor child, have died on Sunday in a horrible collision between two cars plied on the Karachi to Hyderabad M9 Motorway near the Nooriabad stretch, ARY New reported.

According to the rescue sources that made it to the accident scene, among the two people ending up dead is a four-year-old boy who couldn’t survive the hit.

The bodies of the deceased two have been shifted to the local hospital while no confirmed details have emerged on how many people were injured in the incident.

AC Jhang shot dead over ‘sewerage line dispute’

Separately today in a frightening turn of events, Assistant Commissioner of Jhang Imran Jaffer was gunned down allegedly by his cousins over a ‘sewerage line dispute’.

Police said that AC Jhang Imran Jaffer was killed in a gun attack. Police added that there was a dispute over the sewerage line between Imran Jaffer and his paternal cousins.

The assistant commissioner was allegedly gunned down by his cousins including Sohail.


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