Saturday, August 13, 2022

DNA tests of 100 suspects to be conducted in Charsadda rape case


CHARSADDA:  A medical team will conduct DNA tests of 100 more suspects in the area adjacent to the crime scene, whereas, police department continued its interrogation with the 15 detainees in Charsadda rape and murder case, ARY News reported on Saturday.

Police told media that the investigators have not received DNA reports of the victim and three suspects so far. They said that more than 300 persons have been interrogated in the rape and murder case. Only 15 persons were kept under custody after releasing the other detainees.

The officials added that a medical team will conduct DNA tests of 100 more suspects in the area adjacent to crime scene.

On October 6, the mutilated body of a 2.5-year-old girl Zainab had been found dumped in the fields in the Daudzai area of Peshawar, close to Charsada. The incident had sparked an outcry in the area with the family of the victim demanding immediate arrest of the culprits.

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The initial medical report of the body of the minor victim had confirmed that she was sexually assaulted before being stabbed to death.

The father of the victimised minor girl had demanded the authorities for the immediate arrest of the culprits in Charsadda rape and murder case besides raising demand for publically hanging them.

The father of 2.5-year-old Zainab had said in a statement that her daughter was very innocent and beautiful. He added rape and murder of her became a mystery as he has no enmity with anyone. He asked authorities to immediately arrest the culprit to question him the reason for the brutal act against her.

The Charsadda police had registered a case under abduction, murder sections. District Police Officer (DPO) told media that the culprit involved in the rape and murder of the minor girl was not arrested yet. He added that the police action is being kept under secrecy.


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