Tuesday, June 28, 2022

CJP Gulzar vows to protect people’s rights


QUETTA: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed said in a ceremony on Wednesday that the courts will do their best to resolve Balochistan issues swiftly, ARY News reported.

The chief justice said the justice system will speedily dispose of pending cases to address longstanding issues for the Balochistan people. CJP Ahmed noted that the courts are the custodians of basic human rights of the people.

The top judge asserted that the justice system will not let peoples’ rights be violated and that the courts will carry out all sorts of legal proceedings with liberty.

Justice Gulzar said that while COVID-19 outbreak hindered the conclusion of cases to some degree, but the courts are still trying to dispose of cases and conduct hearings via video links.

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He noted that the construction works on five major dams was underway in Balochistan, referring to the development and prosperity that will ensue.


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