Saturday, January 29, 2022

Coldplay song Fix You in Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 wins social media


The social media was elated when hearing the superhit song Fix You by Coldplay in the Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 finale. 

The song, whose music video has a whopping 502 million views on YouTube, was played in the final moments of Money Heist, titled La Casa de Papel (translated as The House of Paper) in Spanish, and it won the hearts of the netizens.

They took to social media platforms to share their feelings after hearing it.

There were users who mentioned that how the song’s lyrics were so much related to the characters and storyline while stating how much they miss their favourite characters who died.

The Spanish action crime-thriller, which became a phenomenon over the years, came to a curtain call on December 3.

The show is about the protagonist named the Professor (Alvaro Morte) who forms a gang of robbers, who have nothing to lose in their lives, for challenging the system.

The first two seasons were about the gang taking over the Royal Mint of Spain for stealing gold from the Bank of Spain.


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