Wednesday, December 7, 2022

CTD shares video, audio evidence of Allah Dino’s role in Karachi blast


KARACHI: The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on Thursday shared evidence of Allah Dino’s involvement in the IED blast in Karachi through video and audio evidence, a day after he was killed in a law enforcement agencies (LEAs) raid.

During a joint press conference headed by Murtaza Wahab and DIG CTD Khurram Ali, multiple CCTV footage was shared with media showing the alleged terrorist carrying the motorcycle used in the attack.

The video showed him carrying a vehicle on foot and later parking at the blast site. He could be further seen sitting at a hotel and later apparently pushing the remote-control device inside his pocket to cause the blast which resulted in the death of a woman and injured many others.

The CTD official detailing the entire incident said that Allah Dino was killed in yesterday’s raid and was living in the Gizri area of Karachi along with another accomplice named Nawab.

“We had clear evidence pointing towards his involvement in the Karachi blast,” DIG Khurram Ali said and added that he was also arrested previously and a case was registered against him for his role in terrorist acts.

The official said that Allah Dino was trained in Iran as an IED expert and was allegedly involved in multiple attacks on rail tracks. Besides, Khurram Ali said that his financial accounts revealed that he had received nearly 200,000 from abroad. “He remained in touch with his handlers abroad,” he said.

Later, audio was also played during the presser in which a man named Asghar Shah was talking to Allah Dino and conveying that his identification could be revealed after multiple CCTV footage ran on TV showed his uncovered face.


The alleged handler could be heard admonishing him for not wearing a facemask during the terrorist act and further said that his possible arrest and confiscation of explosive material by LEAs could lead to a disaster for the terror module.

Later speaking during the press conference, Murtaza Wahab appealed to the courts to refrain from giving immediate relief to the suspects in the terrorism case and shared how Dino was given previously released and later got involved in carrying out multiple attacks in Karachi.


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