Thursday, October 21, 2021

‘Dognaldo’, ‘Catinho’ invade football match, video goes viral


Light-hearted moments took place during a football match between Sloboda and Posusje in Bosnia when it got interrupted by a dog and a cat.

The viral video was captured during a fixture between Sloboda and Posusje. The footage shows the canine invading the pitch before starting to play with it.

A player tries to takes the ball from its grasp but it showed skills like the prolific Portuguese and Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo.

It nutmegs and dribbles the ball before another player takes hold of it. A steward comes to the pitch and takes the dog away.

The canine has been given the nickname “Dognaldo” by the Sloboda club on its Twitter account.

The football team had also posted a video of a cat which also invaded the same game as well. It was named “Catinho”, the name of the famous Brazilian and Barcelona footballer named Ronaldinho.

It jokingly mentioned that the animals will not be a part be getting contracts.

Earlier, a funny incident took place during a T20 fixture between Bready Cricket Club (BCC) and Civil Service North of Ireland Cricket Club (CSNICC) in Ireland when a dog named “Dazzle” invaded the pitch and playing as a “fielder”.

The animal came into the field while the BCC fielder threw the ball at the wicketkeeper, who attempted a run out by throwing the ball at the stumps but missed.

It went towards Dazzle and the animal grabbed it, before running on the ground.

The dog managed to dodge several players. However, one of the batswomen managed to lure the dog and took the ball from it. It was taken away later.

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The video went viral when it got shared by the Twitter account of Ireland Women’s Cricket.

Animal invasions are not something new in the game. There have been instances where games have been stopped for long durations to get the animals carried off from the field.

The International Cricket Council has honoured a dog who interrupted a domestic women’s match being played in Ireland.

He was given the title of “Dog of the Month” by the International Cricket Council.

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