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WATCH: 82-year-old man fights off young carjacker, saves his car

Carjacking incidents are rife in the world where the victims not only lose their precious vehicles but often their lives as well if they resist the bid, while the car robbers try and get away easy by targeting vehicles that are owned by senior citizens who may not be able to act quickly during a theft.

However, not all senior car owners are the same as sometimes, carjackers end up picking on the wrong person. The same happened in the US state of Atlanta where police have released footage showing an 82-year-old man fighting off a teenager who tried to rob his car.


The video released by the police shows the elderly man wrestling the young man, who was carrying a gun. The incident took place at a gas station on March 11.

The suspect, a lanky male, waited at the gas station before approaching the elderly man. After a short exchange of words, the youngster pulled out a gin and demanded the vehicle, according to the police.

The elderly man, however, refused to yield and pounced on the carjacker aggressively, as seen in the video. Not only that, the man even chased the teenager several feet across the gas station before pinning him to the ground like a professional football player.

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Although the teenager broke free and managed to get inside the car, he was unable to start it and fled the scene immediately.

The elderly man, who was seen lying on the ground, didn’t sustain any serious injuries but told authorities that he had hurt his arm during the fight.

Releasing the clip nearly a month after the incident, the police appealed for help from the public in identifying the teenager.



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