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AGP assures to address Sindh’s reservations on Islands issue

KARACHI: Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) Khalid Javed Khan has assured the Sindh High Court (SHC) on Friday that the federal government will address the reservations raised by the Sindh government over Pakistan Islands Development Authority Ordinance 2020.

During the hearing of the hearing, the applicant Shahab Usto stated that federal territory in the sea starts after 12 nautical miles and Bundal and Buddo are the properties of the province as they fall under 12 nautical miles.

The AGP stated that the federal government respects the resolution passed by the Sindh Assembly and the reservations of the provincial government would be resolved.

“Federal govt is in contact with the provincial govt”, he added.

AGP Khalid Javed Khan further said that development at the islands would be done only after the consultation of PPP government.

If necessary, the government will amend the ordinance, he assured the court. Later, the hearing was adjourned till November 13.

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On August 30, the president had promulgated the ordinance for establishing Pakistan Islands Development Authority for “development and management of islands in internal and territorial waters of Pakistan.”

However, the Sindh government on Tuesday withdrew its July 6, 2020 letter in which the Land Utilization Department had consented to the federal government to take custody of both islands.

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“That due to this illegal, unconstitutional and malafide  act of the Federal Government, the Sindh Cabinet has decided not to engage with the Federal Government for the purpose of developing the Island and consequently the letter dated 06.07.2020 of Government of Sindh, Land Utilization Department is treated as a nullity,” the department said in a letter withdrawing the previous one.



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