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Akmal tells the reason of England's World Cup defeat

KARACHI: Pakistan’s former wicket keeper Kamran Akmal said on Tuesday that the last minute ouster of Alaistar Cook as England cricket team captain resulted in England’s ouster from World Cup, ARY News reported.

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Akmal who regularly appears in ARY News cricketing show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’ while commenting on England’s 15 run defeat to a lesser rival Bangladesh said that changing the English cricket team’ captain at the eleventh hour cost the cricket’s mother nation a defeat against the late comers Bangladesh.

He also pointed out that Pietersen and Cook’s absence ruined the team combination of England’s World Cup XI.

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The other cricketing expert, former batsman Basit Ali while lamenting upon the loss told the host Umer Shareef and audience that England has the most developed cricketing structure.

It must be noted that Eoin Morgan was appointed as England captain only a few weeks ago when his predecessor, Alastair Cook, was axed.

England team were taken to task by their own media and cricketing experts for losing their World Cup Pool A match to Bangladesh, resulting in their ouster from the biggest event of the cricketing world.

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Akmal tells the reason of England's World Cup defeat

by Anees Hanif