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Japan cricketers take a jab at England after World Cup defeat

In a tweet which generated a lot laughs on social media  yesterday, the lesser known member of International Cricket Council (ICC), Japan Cricket Association asked the English players to play the game with them before going back to their country.

As the 15 run defeat threw England out of the World Cup as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka reach quarter final from Pool A.

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While the aspiring international cricketers not only cracked a good joke but also gave the English a solid reason by pointing out that they have a lot of room in their schedule.

Interestingly the tweet ends with the hashtag #challenge.

Japan Cricket Association is a small member of ICC and the website even features a ‘What is Cricket’ pane.

The board according to their website holds ‘Japan Cup’, ‘Japan Premier League’ and ‘Japan Cricket League’ tournaments.

The Tweet





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