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Ali Zafar has something to say about Ali Azmat, PSL anthem

Singer Ali Zafar has responded to Ali Azmat’s statements by saying that he will always respect him as a senior and suggested him to ‘be happy’.

He gave an interesting reply when questioned about the controversy of hiring bloggers to defame the songs sung by rival artists, “You can also contact me if you want to bring or topple a government.”

Speaking on ARY News programme ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’,  the singer said, “Ali Azmat is a very respectful personality to me as he is my senior. I love him.”

“However, the things we discuss should be factual rather than emotional talk. Is it possible for me to change the hearts of people across the country? How can I force people for doing such things and what kind of power I have to do it?”

He agreed that Asim Azhar’s responsible was sensible and memes to make personal attacks on artists should not be made.

The musician continued, “I would also like to say to Ali Azmat to be happy. He has inspired us for so many years and I hope he keeps doing so.”

“I don’t force people to listen and like my songs as I have delivered both good and bad songs.”

Responding to host Ahmed Godil’s remarks that he is not allowed to play any PSL anthem sung by Zafar, the singer said “PSL [Pakistan Super League] is the brand of Pakistan and for Pakistanis. I did it what I could do for PSL and I will do it in the future too. I wanted to spread happiness among people.”

He said that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) must clarify this if they have given any such instructions.

Zafar went onto add that he will definitely sing a song for PSL if the people of Pakistan ask for it, adding that he can even sacrifice his life for the country.

Yesterday, the rockstar Ali Azmat had opened up about Pakistan Super League 5’s opening ceremony and the official anthem Tayyar Hain of the league. The opening ceremony took place in Karachi’s National Stadium on Thursday where the singer took to stage towards the end to entertain the audience.

When asked went wrong at the opening ceremony, which received a lot of flak on social media, Ali Azmat responded by saying that nobody seems to know that.

On the controversy surrounding the theme song, Junoon band’s lead vocalist said that some “rival artists” hired bloggers to ridicule the anthem on social media.

Later, Ali Zafar, who has sung previous anthems of PSL, took to Twitter and released a video in which, he can be seen saying that “everyone should blame him for whatever goes wrong in their lives”.

It is pertinent to note here that some social media users had said that Ali Zafar’s PSL anthem was far better than the current anthem Tayyar Hain soon after it was released.



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