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Altaf Hussain takes back his decision to leave MQM

“Workers shall remain happy, I will continue to work with them”, said Altaf Hussain.

A large number of party workers and officials gathered at Nine Zero (MQM) headquarters as soon as the MQM supremo announced his decision to part ways with party after a final speech tomorrow (Friday).

The workers amid chants of ‘Altaf, Altaf’ implored the party founder and chief to review his decision upon which Altaf Hussain withdrew his earlier announcement to sever ties with the party.

Altaf Hussain warned that if a single worker is killed from now onwards, a transport strike will follow the next day.

MQM chief claimed that he has been preaching peace, tolerance and love to his followers from day one and he personally hates terrorism and violence.

It must be noted that Altaf Hussain took the decision to leave MQM over the extrajudicial killing of party workers claiming that he has received signals that the party would be acceptable minus Altaf.

Saddened over the recent killing of Society sector Unit In-charge Sohail Ahmed, Hussain earlier said that Muhajirs have never been accepted [by some elements having strong clout in country’s politics] in Pakistan as a community.



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