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Altaf says 'will break away after final speech tomorrow'

Addressing gathering of workers at party headquarters Nine Zero, he regretted that Muhajirs have never been accepted [by some elements having strong clout in country’s politics] in Pakistan as a community.

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He said three million Muhajirs sacrificed their lives for the country. In East Pakistan, he said, Muhajirs supported and stood by Pakistan Army.

Amid his speech, a large number of party supporters and activists chanted slogans in his favour.

As the MQM chief mentioned about ‘minus-Altaf’ without naming people from the power corridors, all the workers rose and chanted in favour of their leader, strongly opposing any such notion.

The MQM chief said his party was unfairly blamed for murders of Pakhton. He maintained that the MQM never ran any campaign against the PPP after imposition of quota system.

He said “Muhajirs were killed in interior Sindh to reduce them in strength.” Hussain said not a single poor man from Punjab could ever think of contesting election fin the province.

He stated that MQM was a representative of poor and downtrodden segment of the country.

“It was Altaf Hussain who sided with Asif Ali Zardari in his testing times,” recalled the MQM chief.

He alleged that ISI conspired to disintegrate MQM from the political landscape. Hussain said he was opposed when he pointed at Talibanisation in Karachi. Even the Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah denied any regrouping of militants in the city, he lamented.

He asked Rangers and ISI to tell explain reasons of their ‘hatred’ against the Muhajir community.



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