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Altaf’s tirade against army angers ministers

In their separate statements, Defence Minister Khwaja Asif and Pervez Rasheed condemned Mr. Hussain’s statement and said diatribe against defence institutions were unacceptable.

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Khwaja Asif said that the MQM chief should not speak language of Pakistan’s enemies.

Altaf Hussain has brought shame to immigrants: Khwaja Asif

Altaf Hussain has brought shame to immigrants settled in Punjab and Sindh by speaking the language of country’s enemies, said Asif.

In his statement, Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said the law-enforcement agencies are taking indiscriminate action against criminals without any political consideration.

Tirade against state institutions unacceptable:Rasheed

He said the language used by Altaf Hussain doesnt seem to be of a Pakistani. Rasheed said unjustified criticism on law enforcement agencies is condemnable.



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