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Washington Post claims America kept lying on Afghan War

An article appearing in the notable, Washington Post on Tuesday claimed that the American hierarchy stationed at and responsible for handling the Afghanistan conundrum, ‘messed up’, ARY News reported.

The article goes on to claim that the American authorities kept lying about the situation on-ground in the war torn land of Afghanistan which has been a war front for the united states for more than a decade.

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The news organisation has also claimed that it has gotten its hands on a treasure trove of confidential documents which have given credence to their claims.

Detailing the confidential documents, the news organisation claims that the papers encapsulate the reasons of America’s failure in the long, drawn out war which has raged on till date.

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The leaked documents also entail thorough interviews of serving and retired generals, ambassadors and Afghan officials who have seen the entire operation unravel before their very eyes.

One of the interviews by a former colonel who served American interests in Afghanistan before his transfer went on record stating that military men were changed and removed from their designated roles and positions to put forth a manipulated image of the war we were losing.



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