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Amir Khan’s siblings called me Michael Jackson: Faryal Makhdoom

British boxer Amir Khan’s wife has again gone public with the family feud and this time she has done it on television, despite the boxer’s show of disapproval.

Faryal Makhdoom, who previously accused her in-laws of bullying and abuse on Snapchat, appeared on Thursday in ITV’s The Morning show from Toronto and levelled similar allegations against her in-laws especially Amir’s sister and brother.


Faryal Makhdoom maintained that when Amir Khan’s family came to her home first time she was wearing sleeveless and she was always very modern about her dressing.

“I am the same person as I was five years ago when I got engaged but none addressed that sorry we can’t accept you because of the way you dress… or because you are too independent,” lamented Faryal.

Faryal Makhdoom, however, maintained that she respects her religion and is in no way a “drinker, smoker or a party girl”,  it is just that she is modern about her dressing.

About what made her go public when it is hurting Amir Khan as well, Faryal explained that it is not her nature to go public about personal matters but over the years “Amir Khan’s brother and sister went on Twitter rants and Instagram rants” saying she does not get along with them, calling her Michael Jackson and that she is fake and had plastic surgery.

“Recently I had done a catwalk and I was very proud of myself, Amir was very supportive and proud of me and I had seen Amir’s younger sister had said something like dog walk, made a comment and laughed about it… it really hurt me because when I didn’t work and used to stay at home I was called a gold digger,” said Mrs Amir Khan.



It is pertinent to note here that Faryal Makhdoom Khan claimed last week on social media that she had been allegedly physically and mentally bullied by her in-laws for the past three years.

She started a surprising Snapchat rant in which she accused her in-laws of trying to destroy the couple’s marriage.

Her father-in-law and mother-in-law rejected the allegations publicly.

The family feud forced Amir Khan to take to Twitter and ask them stop bashing each other on social media and keep their family matter private.

In a statement released on Twitter, he apologised for his wife’s and family’s behaviour and warned them that they may “lose a son and a husband”.

“I’ve had enough.” wrote Amir Khan.











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