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Close associate of key suspect in motorway rape case arrested

LAHORE: Police have arrested another suspect in the Lahore motorway gang-rape case during a raid in Chichawatni, ARY News reported.

They said the arrested man, named Bala Mistri, was the owner of the auto workshop where prime suspects Shafqat and Abid Ali used to work.

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Shafqat Ali, one of the two men believed to be the culprits of the gang rape on Lahore-Sialkot motorway last week was arrested yesterday and he confessed to his crime. Whereas, Abid Ali is still at large and is expected to be arrested soon.

The police said investigators were interrogating Bala Mistri about the hideouts of his close associate, Abid. Shafqat had revealed to the police that Bala Mistri was not involved in the felony.

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Abid phoned him and Bala Mistri the day the crime was committed but Mistri didn’t turn up, Shafqat was quoted as telling the police.

A police official, however, said Mistri had remained involved in criminal activities along with Abid.

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