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ATC acquits five alleged target killers over lack of evidence

KARACHI: An anti-terrorism court acquitted five alleged target killers on Tuesday due to lack of evidence in kidnapping, murder and other heinous crimes, ARY News reported.

The police prosecution suffered a major setback in the last month of Year 2019 as they failed to provide substantial evidence against five alleged target killers of the MQM London.

The court acquitted Nooruddin alias Lal Bal, Mommad Kamran alias Mechanic, Younus alias Lamba, Salahuddin and Asif alias Mistri.

The court in its decision said that the confessional statement of accused Nooruddin was not of any legal value, so as the accused charged of their involved in kidnapping, murder, rape and other heinour crimes are being acquitted due to lack of evidence.

The ATC also acquitted four absconders, Saleem Shaikh, Hayat, Raja and Rashid Jameel, for the same reason.

The cases were registered against the accused at Pakistan Bazaar and Pirabad police stations of Karachi.

The police and other law enforcement agencies time and again claim arrest of target killers having political affiliations and their involvement in killings and other heinous crime in the city, but mostly they fail to present a strong case before courts to ensure justice to them.



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