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Rs2.5 charges a Go Green bid to ‘reduce litter’, says ATM service provider

KARACHI: Following a debate on why banking customers in Pakistan are being charged an extra Rs2.5 for their transactions through ATMs when they opt for a printed receipt, the Payment Service Provider (PSP) 1Link has clarified on Wednesday this new levy is a part of Go Green exercise to ‘reduce litter’ and to ‘lower the cost of printed receipts’ and it is optional, ARY News reported.

“This initiative is part of a ‘Go-Green’ exercise to reduce litter and lower the cost of printed receipts which are usually discarded immediately,” read the letter issued by 1Link in this regard.

The letter further stated that discouraging printing receipts would help mitigate chances of ‘sensitive customer information’ being shared with strangers as the receipts are littered around.

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In its letter, the PSP also categorically clarifies that customers have long been charged this sum upon balance inquiries and availing printed receipts and that they have the liberty to ‘decline a receipt without incurring any extra cost’.

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Pertinent to note that just yesterday, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) clarified that no instructions were issued to banks for charging customers any amount on balance inquiry through ATMs but that it is up to the banks to factor in their service charges in the transactions.

The clarification comes after reports emerged that the SBP has asked the banks to deduct Rs2.5 on each transaction or balance inquiry through ATMs in wake of service charges for the slips.



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