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Young boy tells school counselor he saw father stomp mom to death

Police in Kentucky found the body of a woman who had been missing for nearly a month after one of her children revealed how his father stomped his mother to death.

Rebecca Hoover, 38, was found dead inside a storage unit near the Ali International Airport Louisville earlier this week. Her mother had reported her missing on August 2.

Police arrested Rebecca Hoover’s husband, Judson Hoover, 50, on the same day her body was found and charged him with murder. A little over three weeks after she went missing, her son told a counselor at elementary school that he saw his dad kill his mother inside the basement of their New Albany home.

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He said he saw his father in black boots stomp on his mother’s head around 20 times. He added he witnessed his father then punch Rebecca Hoover with a set of keys as she stopped moving afterward.

Investigators said they found what looked like blood on the steps of the basement. Following a tip from Rebecca’s mother, they initially searched a storage unit in New Albany on August 28 and obtained a search warrant for the Louisville storage unit after viewing security footage that showed Jusdon Hoover moving a 55-gallon container out of the New Albany unit.

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He was seen moving something into the New Albany storage unit on August 3. Apparently, police said it appeared that the suspect was carrying a body.

On Sept 3, he appeared in a Floyd County courtroom and pleaded guilty to killing his wife on August 2.



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