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British DfT to provide 3DS modern system to Pakistan

KARACHI: British Department for Transport (DfT) has approved the request of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for the provision of 3DS modern system for scrutiny of travel documents of the passengers, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The request was forwarded by PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik to the British DfT for 3DS modern system which will assist the authorities for scrutinising the travel documents.

ایئر مارشل ملک کا پی آئی اے کیلئے ایک اور اہم سنگ میل

ایئر مارشل ملک کا پی آئی اے کیلئے ایک اور اہم سنگ میل — برطانیہ نے جدید سیکیورٹی سسٹم نصب کرنے کی درخواست منظور کرلی — ایئر مارشل ارشد ملک نے دو ماہ قبل نظام کی تنصیب کی درخواست کی تھی#ARYNews #PIA

Posted by ARY News on Thursday, February 13, 2020

A team of British Dft will arrive on a three-day visit to Islamabad on Monday.

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In November last year, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had introduced modern technology to facilitate passengers for getting rid of huge queues to get their boarding passes at airports.

Passengers will get the facility for grabbing boarding passes by themselves after the installation modern machines imported from France.

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The CAA authorities told ARY News that more than 15 modern machines are being installed initially at five major airports including Karachi of the country where the passengers, primarily those possessing hand-carry luggage, will get the self-boarding facility.

According to CAA officials, the administration has installed two machines each on the domestic and international lounge of Karachi airport.



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