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Woman dragged through street after being tortured by brother-in-law

CHUNIAN: In the horrible footage, a woman was seen being dragged through a street by her hair in Punjab’s Samuwala after being subjected to brutal torture by her brother-in-law and two others, ARY News reported on Thursday.

A man along with his two accomplices reportedly tortured his sister-in-law yesterday in Samuwala before she got dragged by her hair along the street.

It emerged that the accused vented his anger on her after Rubina’s brother allegedly rejected to marry Ayub’s sister. The husband of the victimised woman said his brother subjected Rubina Bibi to brutal torture over a dispute among relatives.

Some passers-by and women then came in to save the life the woman from the outrageous man.

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The woman, who is identified as Rubina Bibi, sustained serious injuries following the torture of brother-in-law, Ayub, and is currently admitted to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital for medical treatment.

However, there was no report received so far regarding any action by authorities against the brutal torture by the accused.

Barter or exchange marriages (watta satta) are common in rural parts of the country which involve the marriage of a brother-sister pair from one family to a sister-brother pair in another family which deny the fundamental right to a man and woman for choosing a spouse in many cases.



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