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Bus driver booked for playing video game while driving on motorway

KARACHI: A bus driver caught on camera as playing a video game while driving a fast-paced passenger carriage has been detained by police and his license has been suspended on Thursday, ARY News reported.

According to the details, a video had gone viral on social media a few days back wherein a bus driver was caught playing a video game as he drove the bus on busy Karachi motorway.

Motorway police taking note of the event pursued the driver who is identified to be Babar Khan khan, suspended his license and has now booked him on relevant charges.

In the video, it could be seen he drove at a considerably high speed expected on the motorway but his attention remained channelled towards the game screen while many passengers depended on his whim.

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The Inspector-General of Motorway Police took notice of the incident after the video went viral and traced the alleged offender via technology in place.

It was alleged that the driver risked the lives of many people on board and off-board and exhibited criminal negligence as a deadly accident could have transpired out of it.



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