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CAA makes COVID-19 test mandatory for flight crew of int’l flights

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued a notification, making it mandatory for the flight crew to undergo COVID-19 detection test upon arrival at the airports in Pakistan after operating international flights, ARY News reported.

The notification stated that the flight crew of chartered and private aircraft will undergo coronavirus tests, however, it was not mandatory for the flight crew of Pakistani airlines that does not leave the airport building in Pakistan.

The flight crew of Pakistani air carriers will undergo a COVID-19 test if they leave the passenger terminal building at any of the airports outside Pakistan.

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The aviation authority has given an exemption to the flight of any type of international flight landing at a Pakistani airport including inter-alia, technical and emergency arrivals where the flight crew does not leave the terminal building at a Pakistani airport.

It further stated that no test will be conducted for flight crew of the foreign air carriers that do not leave the passenger terminal building at an airport and continue the outbound journey from Pakistan without exiting the terminal building after their arrival.

caa covid-19 test flight crew international flights

It added that ‘on-arrival testing of flight crew of Pakistani air carriers undertaking a lay-over at a point outside Pakistan, embarking the aircraft at a point outside Pakistan for inbound return journey to the country or flight crew of foreign air carriers disembarking from the aircraft and leaving the terminal at an airport may be carried out as per procedure in-vogue.’



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