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CAA sets another example of honesty, returns bag of valuables to owner

PESHAWAR: An employee of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) returned a lost bag full of valuable items to its owner on Saturday at Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar.

As per details, CAA employee Amin found a bag, full of valuables, at the screening machine of Peshawar airport, which was left by a passenger coming from Dubai.

A person identified as Zar Wali Khan was travelling from Dubai to Peshawar on International Airline’s flight EC-636 when he forgot his bag at the screening machine of customs at the airport.


Later, Amin handed over the found bag to the airport administration’s Shift In-charge, who during a search of the bag, found valuables including gold ornaments in it worth Rs 0.3 million.

The Peshawar CAA staff traced the owner of the luggage with CCTV footage and handed over lost bag to him.

On the occasion, the passenger thanked the CAA employee for returning his missing bag to him.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has appreciated the act of honesty of the official and decided to issue a letter of appreciation and a ceremony to honour his honesty and dignity.

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Earlier, on November 15, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had returned bag containing Rs1.8 million cash to its owner, who had forgotten it in the arrival lounge of Lahore Airport.

As per details, Dr Nadira was travelling from Madina to Lahore on Pakistan International Airline’s (PIA) flight PK-757 when she forgot her bag at the arrival lounger of Lahore airport.

Shahid, a civil aviation official, found the bag and deposited it in CAA’s Lost and Found Departures department.

Later, the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) Lahore airport, Nazeer Ahmed Khan formally handed it over to the real owner after carrying out necessary procedures.



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