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WATCH: Huge cargo plane crash lands, skids off the runway

One of the world’s largest planes, the Antonov cargo plane, was forced to make an emergency landing after it suffered a severe engine failure.

The incident occurred in Russia where a cargo aircraft, which is able to carry 150 tons, took off from Novosibirsk airport in Siberia but immediately got into trouble, losing radio contact with the ground.

The video footage of the aircraft, which emerged soon after the incident, showed the plane making a turn back towards the airport with smoke trailing from one of its engines.

The aircraft-with 14 people on board- was seen struggling to slow down, which it did after already overshooting the end of the runway by around 700 feet. The emerging pictures showed the aircraft’s nose completely touching the ground, and immersed in the snow after failing to put brakes.

A large part of an engine crashed through the roof of a warehouse near the airport, narrowing missing nearby people, and miraculously, no casualties were reported on the aircraft or on the ground.

According to the Russian media reports, the aircraft departed at just after midday local time and began its ascent.

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The aircraft lost all communication when it was at a height of around 18,000 feet.

Speaking about the terrifying moment, the aircraft’s captain Evgeny Solovyov said: ‘Our second engine blew up, the power cut, and we returned to the airport.’

A preliminary case into safety breaches has been opened under Russia’s criminal code. The airport was temporarily closed and six flights were diverted to Barnaul and Kemerovo.



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