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WATCH: Here is what you should do if your mobile phone is stolen or snatched?

Mobile phones not only help you connect with other people but are used for phone banking as well. So, if your phone gets stolen or snatched, your personal data can be compromised.

موبائل فون چوری یا چھین جانے کی صورت میں کیا کرنا چائیے؟

موبائل فون چوری یا چھین جانے کی صورت میں کیا کرنا چائیے؟مزيد ديکھيں: https://bit.ly/34KPYZv#BakhabarSavera #ARYNews

Posted by Bakhabar Savera on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Here’s a survival guide on what to do if you ever land in such a situation:

Report it to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority at the earliest.

PTA has issued a public advisory appealing people to report to the authority about stolen or snatched phones. Within 16 hours, such mobile phones are blocked then.

There are various ways to report that you have lost your phone. Either by calling on PTA’s helpline (0080025625) or by emailing details such as IMEI number, sim number and phone’s brand and model, complainant’s name, CNIC, father or mother’s name to [email protected]



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