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NZ mosques’ attack: Crisis management cell starts functioning at FO

ISLAMABAD: A crisis management cell established at the Foreign Office (FO) has started functioning to facilitate nationals for information sharing post-Christchurch mosques’ attack situation in New Zealand, ARY News reported.

The cell will provide information to the relatives of affected Pakistanis in New Zealand’s terror incident.

Christchurch police said that identification of 74 persons has not completed yet who were affected in New Zealand mosques’ attack. The police have also released detail of the terror incident.

FO spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal said in a statement that Islamabad’s diplomatic mission is currently present in Christchurch and in contact with higher authorities.

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Faisal said that post-mortem was underway in accordance with the local laws and announcement of the names will be made after completion of the identification process.

Christchurch police confirmed that 49 dead bodies were present under their custody while assistance was sought by the department for identification of names of the affectees.

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Pakistan’s High Commissioner to New Zealand, Syed Moazzam Shah, confirmed that six Pakistani-origin men had martyred out nine missing persons in Christchurch mosques’ shooting.

The martyred persons include Mehboob Haroon, Naim Rasheed and his son Talha Naim, Sohail Shahid, Syed Jahandad Ali and Syed Areeb Ahmed.

He told ARY News that details of Zeeshan Raza will be released shortly.



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