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Comedian Amanullah passes away

Famous Comedian Amanullah has just passed away in Lahore on Friday.

The 70-year-old actor was suffering from kidney and respiratory diseases in Bahria Hospital Lahore.

Amanullah had spent more than 15 days in the hospital due to his diseases a few months ago, however, he was discharged later. He was again admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia in January.

The comedian had received treatment at the hospital for months but soon after reaching home, he was brought back to the hospital as his health worsened.

The artist was placed on a ventilator due to the severity of his kidney disease, said his relatives.

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He is known as the ultimate king of stand-up comedy. Not only has he influenced abundant actors with his unmatchable wit, but he also keeps a world record of 860-day-night theatre plays.

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