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Cop arrested over opening fire on inmate ‘trying to flee’  

KARACHI: A cop in Karachi has been arrested after he opened fire on an inmate claiming that he was trying to flee from the lockup of Saeedabad police station in the city, ARY NEWS reported on Sunday.

According to police, the incident occurred in the wee hours on Saturday after they had arrested a man under charges of drug peddling.

“He tried to escape from the prison. A cop posted at the gate of the police station saw him leaving and opened fire,” they said adding that one bullet hit the inmate and caused serious injuries to him.

The police said the prisoner is shifted to hospital for medical treatment while the cop who opened fire on him was arrested.

Incidents of police committing excesses have been reported in the past with personnel deployed at the check-posts opening fire on citizens.

On February 15, a Karachi police encounter that took place on January 3 in the city’s Site area was declared ‘fake’.

The encounter that was reported on January 3 in the limits of Site A-section police station was declared fake and the deceased youth named Sultan Nazir was found innocent.

The report compiled by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Malir, Irfan Bahadur was submitted to the office of Additional IG.

According to the report, Sultan Nazir was on his way to his home on via online motorcycle services on January 3, when he was targetted by two police namely, Shabir and Jahangir at a fuel station.

Upon firing of the policemen, the rider of the bike started running and Sultan followed him. Seeing both the riders running, the police party opened fire, which resulted in the death of the youth Sultan Nazir, a resident of Hunza.

Meanwhile, both the policemen fled the province after registration case under murder and terror charges.



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