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Cornetto brings ‘Summer Love’, a love-filled series

Cornetto is a brand that has always stood for all things pertaining to young, puppy love and how it flourishes when two young hearts meet.

The brand has always viewed ‘love’ with a very light-hearted lens, decidedly different than what mainstream Pakistani entertainment channels have to offer.

Cornetto aims at not only providing an excuse to talk to ones ‘crush’, but also acts as an ice breaker, and eventually, a sign of budding feelings of beautiful, young, puppy love – summer love.

The brand has always owned music and has never shied away from adding love to the mix but this time

Cornetto is coming up with a web series with which will show the lead characters, two youngsters, meeting and then falling in love.

Checkout the trailer here:

The series will show how young love birds are first shy but then gradually overcome their initial friction and hesitation of taking the first step.

Watch the 1st Episode here:

Titled ‘Summer Love’, this series will not only explore how genuine love starts but will go around depicting the thrill of the chase, the insecurities that persist in love, and the cute moments that follow.

All in all, this web series made in collaboration with Teel, will be a breath of fresh air for youngsters at a time when most entertainment channels are only encouraging conformism.

So Cornetto lovers, be prepared for the exciting journey that ‘Summer Love’ will be bringing to you as now youngsters will finally have something they can relate to.



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