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No flour shortage in country, announces Khusro Bakhtiar

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for National Food Security Khusro Bakhtiar on Friday said that there was no shortage of flour in the country as the government has enough stocks of wheat to meet country-wide need, ARY NEWS reported.

Talking to media, the federal minister said that they have completed a mapping process under which food commodities would be provided across the country.

“If there is any shortage for the time being then it is due to flour stocks piled by masses,” he said adding that people stocked three flour bags as compared to their need for one bag.

We have taken important decisions in today’s meeting to ensure supply chain of food commodities, the minister said adding that currently the public sector has a stock of 1.6 million tonnes of wheat and if that wheat is provided to flour mills than even temporary flour crisis could be averted.

Khusro Bakhtiar further hoped that the provinces would also provide from their wheat share to flour mills to ensure availability of the basic food commodity.

Earlier in the day, Sindh government also denied reports of flour shortage in the province amid lockdown due to rising coronavirus tally and said that it has enough stocks available to meet the provincial needs.

In a statement issued today, provincial Minister for Agriculture, Supply and Prices Ismail Rahu said that the Sindh government has temporarily allowed the flour mills to purchase directly from the market in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of flour.

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“The province has also started purchasing of wheat in order to overcome any shortage,” he said adding that 5000 metric tons flour was provided to Karachi on daily basis.

The flour mills are providing 50,000 bags of 20 kilogram in the city while 20,000 bags of the same quantity is provided to Saylani Trust for distribution, he said adding that strict action would taken against anyone hoarding or selling out flour bags on higher prices.
Ismail Rahu said that the province expects 3.8 million tonnes wheat production in the ongoing year and the government would purchase 37 percent of it at the rate of Rs 1400 per 40 kilograms.



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