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Crocodile races with speedboat, video goes viral

In an unbelievable event, a crocodile was caught on camera while racing with a speedboat by the fisherman who rode the boat and the video has gone viral.

The video, which was reportedly filmed by a fisherman, shows a fully-grown crocodile propelling itself in water and racing against a speedboat.

The video was shared on Twitter on a handle Gators Daily with the caption, “croco races speedboat.”

The 13-second clip shows the crocodile trying and swimming to the speed of a speedboat. At one point, it seems like the reptile is trying hard to even beat the speedboat.

On Twitter, since being shared, the clip has garnered well over half a million views with thousands of shares and hundreds of reactions from users.

While many were impressed with the reptile’s incredible speed, some said that the boat could’ve injured it.

“Please explain. I’m freaking out. Is it a pet? Why is it chasing them and coming above water to give away it’s position. I have never seen this,” read one of the comments.

“Crocodiles haven’t evolved any new features in 200 million years and it’s because they are already perfect. No other species has room to move into the shallow-water-predator niche, there is simply no room for improvement. If a croc wants to eat you it will,” wrote another.

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Crocodiles videos and pictures are some of the most sought after contents on social media. Although as dogs and cats take the lead when it comes to the popularity and the predatory reptiles do not score as high, still at least one crocodile video or picture goes viral on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram every month.



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