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WATCH: Delivery boy sets free young muggers in Karachi citing ‘future’

KARACHI: In what could be termed as a compassionate act, a delivery boy nabbed two young street criminals after they tried to rob him in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of the city but later allowed them to leave thinking that it could ruin their future, ARY NEWS reported.

According to a video of the incident, two muggers on a vehicle tried to loot Shahid Hussain, who came to deliver a parcel in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of the city.

However, Shahid put a stiff resistance during the mugging bid and was able to get hold of the weapon from a mugger. The video shows him indulging in a scuffle with one of the muggers with two motorbikes on the ground.

He later allowed them to go away despite getting possession of a pistol from the criminals. “Go, Go away from here,” the delivery boy could be heard yelling at the muggers in the video.

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One of the dacoits also sustained injuries during the scuffle as both were seen getting away from the spot in a motorbike.

Shahid while divulging details of the incident said that both the muggers were aged between 18 to 20 years, therefore he decided to let them go in order to avoid ruining their future.

He later handed over the pistol to the police.



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