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Dogs bite 8 in Sindh, no vaccines in local healthcare facility

TANDO MUHAMMAD KHAN: Eight unfortunate individuals were bitten by alleged rabid dogs on Wednesday, three out of the eight bitten are kids, ARY News reported.

The kids who became victims of dog bites include two six-year-olds and one seven-year-old.

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It has been reported that the local healthcare facility has not rabies vaccine stocks.

A six-year-old girl, Shaavi is being shifted to a Hyderabad in hopes of better treatment, it is being told that her health is currently critical.

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A seven-year-old boy has reportedly been bitten by a stray dog in January 2, the child was immediately shifted to the nearby healthcare facility.

According to details, the dog-bite victim was taken to a private hospital in the district which had no rabies vaccine to inject the patient with.




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