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Horror, condemnation as dwarf child pleads for death after school bullying  

A heart-wrenching video of a dwarf child pleading for ways to attempt suicide from his mother after falling victim to school bullying has gone viral.

Yarraka Bayles, from Brisbane, filmed her son Quaden crying in the car after she picked him up from school and publicly shared the video on the social media site.

A sobbing and visibly distressed Quaden could be seen in the video asking his mother to give him a rope.

‘Give me a rope, I want to kill myself. I just want to stab myself in the heart… I want some-one to kill me,’ the child was quoted in the video which is now viewed more than three million times.

At the start of the five-minute clip, Ms Bayles said: ‘I just picked my son up from school, witnessed a bullying episode, rang the principal and I want people to know this is the effect bullying has. This is what bullying does.”

‘So can you please educate your children, your families, your friends because all it takes is one more instance… and you wonder why kids are killing themselves.’

The mother claimed that this was not the first time that the child has expressed his desire for the suicide bid. “For the first time it was when he was six-year-old and I was shocked to know as to how a child could be treated like this,” she said.

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Since sharing the video, Bayles has been inundated with kind messages of support from friends and strangers alike.

Not only the Indigenous All Stars NRL team invited Quaden to show support for him but he was also invited at the television shows to create awareness regarding bullying bids.



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