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WATCH: Elephant climbs five-feet wall to steal mangoes

An elephant’s love for mangoes forced him to scale a five-foot-high wall to enter a safari lodge to steal the fruit.

Its act was caught on camera and had gone viral since then as people loved the cute act of the animal.

The Bushcamp Company posted footage of it on the video-sharing website showing the big bull elephant climbing over a five-foot wall outside the Mfuwe Lodge in South Lungwa National Park.

As seen in the video. the adult male bull elephant first calculates how to haul its giant legs over the wall. It first gets its right leg over the wall and then bends a little before using his left leg. A few seconds later, it manages to get its hind legs over to the other side of the wall.

Unfortunately, the elephant’s hunt for fruits was unsuccessful as mangoes are out of season at this time of the year.

Ian, the general manager of the route, said the guests were amazed that the elephant put in so much effort to climb over a high wall.

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“He just chose the most direct route and made himself right at home. The guests were very amused at the idea of a climbing elephant. They were in amazement that it would bother to climb over such a high wall. They were out on a safari drive in the National Park at the time, so we’re sorry to have missed seeing it,” said Ian.



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