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PM Imran Khan assures full support to entrepreneurs of Pakistan

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan on Wednesday addressing a gathering in Islamabad under the banner of ‘Digital Pakistan’ said that entrepreneurial activity is the way forward, ARY News reported.

The prime minister hailed the initiative and talked about the importance of an original idea and sticking to the idea and never giving up on the struggle for trying to materialise it.

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The premier said that the process of struggle is what makes or breaks and individual and reach the peak of their individual potential.

“People come up to me seeking government jobs, they are in search for the easy way out, these routes kill your potential, struggle and perseverance are the hallmarks of a truly accomplished person,” said PM Imran Khan.

“One should not be afraid and follow their passions mercilessly, the Quran states that those that have faith would be free from fear.”

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PM Imran Khan said that the direction of the country is now set and we need to follow and stand by it.

The prime minister assured that the government would support and provide apt platforms to the youth of Pakistan and would release the full untapped potential of the youth of our country.



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