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Fake images of the Rohingya crisis

The world community is condemning atrocities against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and rightly so, but some unknown internet wizards are using fake images to stoke tensions in the Rohingya crisis.

The country’s de facto leader has said there is a “huge iceberg of misinformation” over the violence which has prompted many from the oppressed Muslim population to leave the country.

The Rohingya have faced decades of persecution in Myanmar where they are denied citizenship.

Information is very sketchy and journalists have very limited access to this region.

Even those who have managed to reach the area have found that the volatile situation and intense hostility towards the Rohingyas makes it very difficult to gather information., foreign media reports say.

In her first comments since the crisis began, she said the “fake information” was “calculated to create a lot of problems between different communities” and to promote “the interest of the terrorists”.

Almost 126,000  Muslims have crossed the border from Buddhist-majority Myanmar into Bangladesh to escape the trouble.

Myanmar denies its Rohingya population citizenship and regards them as illegal immigrants – even though many have lived in the country for generations.

Here are some of the images of Rohingya crisis that have been shared widespread implying them as related to the human rights violations in Myanmar to fuel tensions.




As the pictures went viral, the tweep realized the pictures were all fake.

Rohingya muslims


Viral picture from a recent past



What actually it was, according to BBC

Rohingya fake

Another one 



An image from Bangkok incident portrayed as that of Rohingya crisis

fake images


Muslims Myanmar

This photo is from Bangladesh from 70s but is being shared on social media to describe Rohingya people in Myanmar as terrorists

The most viral image from the past



Here’s the original one


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