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Father, brother of key suspect in motorway gang-rape case arrested   

LAHORE: Police on Sunday arrested father and brother of the key suspect in Lahore motorway gang-rape case, ARY News reported.

According to the details, the police took the primary suspect in the rape case Abid Ali’s father Akbar and his brother Qasim during a raid at Fort Abbas in Bahawalnagar district as the investigation in the case continued.

Sources said that the police were also interrogating the suspect’s family.

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On September 12, Punjab police had confirmed that it had apprehended a woman residing in the alleged house of Lahore Motorway gang-rape case suspect Abid Ali.

According to new development in Motorway gang-rape case, the Factory Area police had detained a woman, who according to the police was inside Ali’s alleged house. The police had also detained two men over suspicion.

Earlier today, Waqarul Hassan, an alleged co-accused of the prime suspect in Lahore Motorway gang-rape case had surrendered himself at the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Police Station in Model Town. As per details, Waqarul Hassan had reached Model Town and surrendered himself before the CIA police.

In his initial statement, the accused had refused his involvement in the gang-rape incident and added that he had nothing to do with the incident.





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