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Bandits’ gang take seven policemen hostage in Rajanpur

RAJANPUR: Bandits affiliated with Attaullah Gang has abducted seven police personnel in Kacha area of the district while they were patrolling the area, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The gang has demanded immediate release of its detained associates against the abducted cops.

As per reports, the members of Attaullah Gang attacked a police outpost with heavy weapons, triggering exchange of fire, however, later the armed assailants captured as many as seven policemen, police sources said.

The abductees have been identified as Luqman, Zeeshan, Shakir, Sabir, Jamshaid, Safdar Naich and assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Muzammil.

Following the shootout, heavy contingent of police and elite force commandos arrived in the area and started search operation.

All entry and exit routes to the area have been sealed to rescue the policemen.

It merits to mention here that several gangs operate in the area. Chotu Gang was one of the notorious gangs that surrendered before Pakistan Army during an operation last year. However, some associates of the Choti Gang have reportedly become active recently.


Kacha area reportedly comprises three Indus islands – Kacha Karachi, Kachi Jamal and Baggiani – that had been notorious as a lawless haven for kidnappers and dacoits.

Chotu gang was the most prominent group among all that had its hold in the area but surrendered before Pakistan Army during an operation.



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