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German Ambassador Martin Kobler says ‘going on retirement soon’

German Ambassador Martin Kobler, in a Twitter post on Sunday, said he was going on a retirement soon.

Kobler shared a picture of himself at a local confectionery maker in Lodhran where he tried his hand in the process of making a halwa.

Here’s what he wrote in his tweet:  “Feel already sad going on retirement soon. What do you guys think? Shouldn’t i prepare a back up plan after retirement and help with halwa production? Pic from ‘Munawar Sohan halwa shop’ near Lodhran, recently.”

Kobler is known for his vibrant social media presence and he makes no secret of anything beautiful he comes across in the country.

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Among one of his recent visits, Kobler visited a shelter for homeless people in Islamabad and shared a meal with people with lower means, savouring ‘potato-egg’ curry, or Aalu Anday, with them.

He also listened to the stories homeless people had to tell him and tweeted about his experience later. The ambassador said that he admired the work of the staff, but said he was sad to see how so many people lacked the means to afford food.

Mr Kobler questioned how people with income as low as Rs. 400 a day could support a family of 6-8 persons.



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