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Can you guess why German ambassador Kobler had to get a new dress for him?

We all get new clothes from time to time for various reasons. Sometimes we want to stay trendy, other times its just a requirement for an occasion.

But more often than not, gaining some pounds is what necessitates getting new outfits made.

Germany’s ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler had the same reason when he walked into a tailor’s in Islamabad on Tuesday.

But Mr Kobler had a unique justification for an increase in his weight. Tweeting about it, he said that Pakistan’s people and their hospitality were responsible that he gained some extra pounds.

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“So, I need new clothes now. Can anybody guess why? Well, I have gained the weight because i cannot resist Pakistani food like jalebi, naan, mutton, biryani & much more. You guys are responsible for this! PS: Pakistan’s hospitality is just remarkable!”

Here’s a collage of him enjoying all the delicacies Pakistan has to offer, which according to him, led to his weight-gain. But he’s rather happy about it! And so are the Pakistanis.

Martin Kobler, German Ambassador, Islamabad,



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