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‘If doctors start dying, who will save patients’: medics urge people to stay in

KARACHI: A group of female doctors on Friday urged people to stay at home to keep the deadly coronavirus at bay.

Speaking at a press conference in Karachi, they appealed to the government to ensure enforcement of lockdown restrictions in letter and spirit to contain further spread of the infection.

Dr Nusrat Shah, one of the doctors, said it is only through a strict lockdown imposed for at least a period of a month and a half that the virus spread could be contained. Pleading with people to observe social distancing and other safety protocols, she said the rising number of cases is adding to the burden on health professionals.

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The doctor said most pregnant women come to hospital when they are seriously ill. She added they find it difficult to save pregnant women affected by the deadly infection which not only put their lives but those of their children in danger.

“If doctors start dying, who will save patients,” she said.

Another health professional, Dr Nighat said the government has so far failed to do its job in ensuring that precautionary measures are followed.

She added the country’s rickety healthcare system will not be able to tackle the influx of coronavirus patients.

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