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Heart-breaking: Amjad Sabri’s last words to killers

The final moments of the legendary singer were witnessed by his companion Saleem aka Chanda who was sitting next to him in the vehicle.

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Chanda was picked up by security forces on Saturday to record his statement. However Sabri’s family members recorded their testimony to police that Chanda was one of the close aides of the qawwal and he could never be doubted for any wrongdoing.

Sabri’s last words to killers:

According to media reports citing Chanda, Sabri screamed when the attackers first opened fire at his vehicle. He shouted in panic: “Why do you want to kill me, I have a family and small children.”

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The killers were too ruthless to demonstrate humanity. They sprayed him with bullets and fled after making sure their target was dead.

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From that point on, the investigators are looking for leads to catch the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

Saleem aka Chanda (L), was sitting next to Sabri when gunmen attacked them. Chanda sustained minor injury and released shortly after medication.
Saleem aka Chanda (L), was sitting next to Sabri when gunmen attacked them. Chanda sustained minor injury and was released from hospital shortly after medication.

Chanda recorded his written statement to the investigators, saying when the attacker fired first gunshot, a windowpane glass hit his eye and he moved his head down.


According to Sabri’s companion, he was terrified with the happening and could not move in fear. By the time, killers had shot dead their target.


Sabri was hit by five bullets and was declared dead at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.


Grisly mobile phone footage of the scene of the crime shot by an onlooker showed the singer’s head slumped on his right shoulder and a pool of blood on the ground by the driver’s side where he sat.

Sabri, the son of another legendary Qawwali singer, Ghulam Farid Sabri who died in 1994, was a fixture on national television and regularly performed on a morning show during the ongoing holy Muslim month of Ramazan.



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