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Hindus of Tharparkar take part in Ashur processions

THARPARKAR: A new chapter in brotherhood and fraternity was written in Sindh today when Hindu’s of Tharparkar came out in reverence of the yearly Ashur processions, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Hindu residents of the region came out in support and reverence of the tragedy that occurred on the day of Muharram when the progeny of Muhammad (SAWW), the final prophet of Islam was martyred by the unscrupulous forces of Yazeed.

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According to details, Hindus of Tharparkar kept showering the processions being held in observance of the great tragedy with showers, given the sweltering weather.

Reports of handheld fans being manually swayed were also heard where Hindus tried to cool the participants of the procession (juloos).

Youm-e-Ashur is being observed across the country today with due solemnity to pay homage to the supreme sacrifice rendered by Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his devoted companions in Karbala.

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The mourning processions were taken out in all the cities and towns of the country amid strict security arrangements made with heavy deployments of law enforcement agencies.

As part of the elaborate measures to deter any untoward incident, cellular and internet services were suspended in various cities in view of the security measures to void any untoward incident during the processions.



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