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Imported tomatoes stabilize price in Karachi’s wholesale market  

KARACHI: Prices of tomatoes were seen stabilizing as 13 containers loaded with the imported tomatoes from Iran reached Karachi’s Sabzi Mandi, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

As per details, the price of per kg tomatoes in Karachi’s Sabzi Mandi witnessed a reduction of about Rs100, bringing the vegetable’s rate to Rs180 per kg in the wholesale market.

The prices are expected to see more reduction after the arrival of new crops from Badin, Mirpurkhas and adjoining areas.

The Ministry of National Food Security after taking the decision about the import of tomatoes from Iran had granted permission to import firms to bring the vegetable from Iran to address the shortage in the country.

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As per the decision, importers to procure tomatoes from Iran for a period of three to four weeks for selling in the domestic market. The government has set a deadline of Dec 13 for the import.

Badin, which is a major tomato producing district in Sindh, facing theft of the vegetable from farmlands. After increasing incidents of farm plunder, the farmers have hired armed watchmen to ensure the security of the vegetable from theft.



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